Keys to Madonna's Success

Topics: Physical Appearance, Debut albums, Ecology Pages: 2 (250 words) Published: November 29, 2011
Why has Madonna been so successful in the world of entertainment?

She has been able to maintain big ambitions and determination from the beginning. Like a rolling stone, she has never stopped evolving. She has always surrounded herself with the best or the hottest people. That being everything from producers, lawyers and boyfriends. She digs down in the musical underground to find the new thing and goes with it, so that's why, for the main audience, it seems as she is a frontrunner of new music ideas. When she got her first hit, she became even more productive, not disappearing from the public.

Main goals: Simple, consistent and long-term.

Does Madonna have a strategy? If so, what are the main elements of that strategy?


Successful strategy: (Effective implementation of these elements) - Profound understanding of the environment
- Objective appraisal of resources and capabilities
- Goals: Simple, consistent and long-term

Where does she compete?

Entertainment, movies, books
Promoting herself in brands, videos, cd's, tv appearances

How does she compete?

Uses sex as focal point for the media
She's a top manager, hands-on everything

Madonna - strategical success

Flexibility / Transforming / Different types of music
Profound understanding of the environment
Wants to be the first!
Marketing Strategy / Differentiation
Her image, appearance (how she looks)

Sex symbol?
Talent in singing and dancing?

Keys of Madonna's success
External environment
Internal environment
Resources and capabilities
Single minded, focused

Never give up
Be limitless
Know what sells
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