What Is Real Beauty

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Humans have had an age-old search for beauty since ancient days, when one woman's looks were judged better than anothers. It has been prized and has won acclaim and monetary awards in pageants, moving pictures and on television shows. The common standard for it is built on looks and demeanor rather than lasting attributes of honesty, talent and character.

The old statements that beauty is more than skin deep and pretty is as pretty does seem to signify that society ought to look beyond just the pretty face. Look to see deeper and find genuine, REAL beauty. Instead of looking at impermanent painted-on looks, we should look inward to see who the person really is. Inner qualities need to be acknowledged and valued also.

A current modern viewing trend is in watching pretty children on the television shows, featuring beautiful dressed-up kids and featuring pageant clothes. The kids are dressed in beautiful clothes and expected to act accordingly, using their best manners and pretending to be grown up. This expected behavior does not allow them to act like kids or to express what behavioral scientists refer to as age appropriate behavior, actions and speech more fitting for their age.

In order to discover a persons true beauty, they need to include both physical attributes that are temporary at best, and also their innate gifts, which can increase and be maximized all your life. These inner qualities should be encouraged and nurtured in young people especially as they learn to improve themselves in hectic impermanence of everyday life.

An individuals apprehension of beauty should not be solely dependant on appearance, but should also reflect a combination of inner qualities and feelings such as respect, love and appreciation of others and the entire world. Having a profound appreciation of nature arrayed in glorious color and serene harmony cannot help but create a feeling of awe.

Music alone offers a quality of beauty and awe. The sounds of the musical...
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