1st Semester Concert Report

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Alice Huang
6th Period
First Semester Concert Report
On Monday, 18 November 2013 at 7:30 p.m. in Evergreen Presbyterian Church the Rhodes College Orchestra and Wind Ensemble performed the Baroque-N Christmas. The event was open to the public, to share their joy for the upcoming holiday. The program included the Palladio, the Suite for Strings, the Chasing Sheep is Best Left for Shepherds, the Alleluia, the Variants on a Mediaeval Tune, and the Concerto Grosso in G Minor, Op.6, No.8. I was very eager to attend the concert because the Baroque-N Christmas included works from the Baroque Era, which is my favorite period of artistic style. Leah McGray was the conductor and Jennifer Rote was the flute soloist for the Rhodes College Wind Ensemble; I don’t remember their being a concert master, which I thought was odd.

The Rhodes College Orchestra began the evening with the Palladio by Karl Jenkins. The Palladio had three different movements. The first movement, the Allegretto, started steadily with the double bass, violoncello, and viola. Then, the tempo became faster and the music more intense, with firm bow strokes from the violin. Throughout most of the movement the rhythm was fast, though there were a few measures where the rhythm slows gradually, but only lasting briefly before it revives again. Towards the end, the mood became lighter and more cheerful, leading the piece to a strong and bold ending. The second movement, the Largo, began quietly. The tempo was slow throughout this movement. The melody was quiet during most of the movement, thus making the vibrato more prominent. The music was loud at the center of the movement, but started to get slower and quieter when approaching the end, letting the ending gently fade out. The third movement, the Vivace, was loud and had a very fast tempo. Towards the midpoint the melody changed and became slow with a melody slightly similar to Largo but faster and more joyful. Then, the melody shifted and became a lot...
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