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Topics: Color, Physical Appearance, Primary color Pages: 2 (767 words) Published: November 2, 2013
Skyy infusions all natural cherry vodka is one of the best alcohol there is in my opinion. In the ad it is selling sex, romance, values, and trying to promote to sell the sky infusions cherry vodka by the sexy look of the ad. In this eye catching advertisement it makes you want to stop doing whatever you’re doing and go buy a bottle and enjoy an adventurous night. This ad is basically telling you that you will have a great time enjoying the new cherry vodka. Most of sky infusions vodka ads are very seductive and sexy. This ad is eye catching. I say that it is eye catching because of its dark colors, the sexy women, and the appearance of everything in the ad.

Colors always seem to catch a person’s eye before anything else does. In this particular ad the main colors are dark blue, cherry red, silver, and white. The red shows up before any of the colors do. I believe it shows up so quickly because it shows up in the background, on the ladies sexy lips, and the color of the juicy cherries. More than likely they chose the background to be red because red is such a sexy color and because of the cherries. The red of the ladies lips symbolizes sex. The color of the bottle which is dark blue really sets off the whole ad. With the bottle in the back, in front of a red background, the viewers are focused more on the cherries that are in the women’s lips. The color of the bottle makes it pop out and stand out the cherries.

The sexy women in this ad are the ones who actually get the alcohol to sell to plenty of people. The women have the juicy cherries at the tip of their mouth, connected at the stem, with their nice, red coated lips, which symbolizes sex just like the colors of this ad. Their lips could be known as attractive to both men and women, therefore, men and women would want to buy this new type of cherry sky infusions vodka. The fact that they have both a Caucasian and African American woman in this ad really helps them get more viewers to actually...
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