Algorithms and Logic for Computer Programming

Topics: Computer program, Algorithm, Programming language Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: January 28, 2014

Personal Learning Management
University of Phoenix
Algorithms and Logic for Computer Programming
PRG 211
Professor Lee
March 07, 2013

Personal Learning Management
Being able to develop a management tool that would allow a user or student to review course material would be very beneficial. With a course such as programming that has so much information, it is important to be able to recall information in order to properly understand how programming works. I for example, do not have any prior knowledge of so I would have to continuously refresh the information that I have learn in the reading as well as in the class room environment. I will be discussing some topics that are important to the development of such a program. In order to properly develop an application, we must first address and analyze the problem that has caused this need. In this situation, we want to design an application that will allow students to be able to review reading assignments as well as task or anything that would be beneficial to retain. Some subjects are a harder to remember than others such as programming. Modular programming would be the best fit because we would want everyone to read the material in the same order. We would set up the program so everyone’s view is the same. If we allow people to “jump around” in the programming, some learning material is going to be skipped over and that would defeat the purpose of the development of this application. Submodules would be added as necessary in order to achieve our goal. The type of data that would need to be gathering first off is the course material data. This type of data could be the self-test in the book, the teacher’s explanations of the material, and important key words and vocabulary words that are used throughout the course and reading material. This would be important because the terms are constantly being utilized and it would benefit for better comprehension of the material being...

References: University of Phoenix. (2011). Prelude to Programming. Concepts and Design, Fifth Editon.
Retrieved from University of Phoenix, PGR211-Developing a Program Chapter 2 website.
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