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Topics: Physical Appearance, Physical attractiveness, Beauty Pages: 2 (768 words) Published: April 27, 2011
I was neither shocked nor surprised when I was watching a TV show called What Would You Do. I was watching an experiment where a well-dressed woman and homeless man pretended to collapse in front of crowded street. When the well dressed-woman collapsed on the street, within four seconds people came to help her and call 911. On the other hand, when the homeless man collapsed on the street (during rush hour) no one was so eager to step in and help him. It took six minutes people to get involved. Does personal appearance influence the way people are treated? Why do well-dressed or attractive people have more advantages than their less attractive equivalent? People should not be judged according to how well-dressed they are or how attractive they are. In everyday life we judge people based on their appearance. It’s very unkind, but we do it on a daily basis at the school, at work, or just passing someone on the street. It's not only the social level that discriminates the unattractive, but it also goes on at work. For instance, if a person dresses like a professional, he or she is more likely to get the job than the more experienced person, who might be less attractive. People think the attractive person is successful, intelligent, and hard working, even if he or she is not knowledgeable. The society we live in today helps attractive people more than physically unattractive people who have better qualities. Every day we make assumptions about the personality of someone else based on their looks. We all say the saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover!" but sadly, we do every day. We judge people by their looks. On the same TV show there was another experiment that surprised me. There was this beautiful girl pretending to steal a bicycle from a park. Everyone who asked her if the bicycle belongs to her, she made sure that they heard her well and clear that the bicycle is not hers. She hammered and sawed the chain. What would a person do if he or she...
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