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Topics: Physical attractiveness, Physical Appearance, Sexual attraction Pages: 3 (1004 words) Published: May 22, 2007
There will be a certain time where one will develope feelings. This essay will discuss feelings on attraction. Attraction is defined as the feeling of liking someone, and has also been considered a force which attracts bodies or individuals together. There are numerous theories based on attraction. This essay will only focus on three particular theories of attraction, which are proximity, physical attractiveness, and similarity.

The first theory of attraction is proximity- which is defined as geographic closeness- and it increases the possibility of an individual being attracted to another due to the amount of exposure we receive from a stimulus (Myers, 2004). This stimulus includes getting more familiar to a stranger's face, an unfamiliar place, or even the tune of a song. Thus, the more exposure individuals get, the more attracted they will feel towards another (Zajonc, 1968; Bornstein, 1989; Harmon-Jones & Allen, 2001 cited in Saul Kassin; Moreland & Zajonc, 1982; Zajonc, 2001; Nuttin, 1987). For example, research has shown that after marrying another person, after residing in the same residential area, after sitting nearby in the same class, after working in the same office and even after sharing the same car park, there is an increase in attraction- due to proximity (Myers, 2004). In other words, proximity determines whether or not two people will ultimately become friends. This is because the closer we are to an individual, the more likely we will be attracted to them. To prove this theory, a study was carried out on married graduate students who were randomly assigned to flat units in 17 different two-story buildings. Ultimately, two-thirds of their closest friends were found to live in the same building, and the possibility of close friends living on the same floor was twice as high (Festinger, Schachter and Back, 1950 cited in Eysenck, 2004). This shows that proximity increases the probability of being attracted to one another. Thus...
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