Topics: Robert B. Parker, Personality psychology, Bench press Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: March 12, 2014
Early Autumn

Paul Giacomin in Robert B. Parkers fiction novel, Early Autumn, has several personality traits which were changed in the period between early May when Spenser met him and early Autumn when they finished the house. Some of the things that were changed in Paul are; his physical appearance, his emotional state, and his goal in life.

In the beginning of this book, when Spenser took on this case, he did not expect it to turn out like it did. At first, when Spenser met paul Giacomin “He was a short thin kid and voice had a soft whine to it, what an unlovely little bastard.” These speculations that Spenser had made were very true, because Paul was a kid that had no future. Basically, to Spenser he looked physically unfit for life. But all of that changed, even though at that time neither Spenser nor Paul knew how dramatically Pauls physical appearance would be. As time went on in the book, Spenser was talking to Paul and saying “Or bench press a hundred fifty pounds?” So, by reading this statement we can deduce that paul became a bit buff, and obviously better fit.

Pauls emotional state could of defiantly use some improvement when Spenser had just met him. When Spenser met Paul he was very closed and uncertain about things. Paul could not even answer to simple questions like “Do you want some supper?”, and his reply “I don’t care.” The reason Paul is in this state of life is because of his parents who used their own flesh and blood instead of a soccer ball. As Spencer got a bit closer to Paul, he saw a lot of improvement and then Spensers feelings had awakened. Spenser then wanted to save Paul from the cruel game that his parents were playing, and also teach him a few things about life. Spenser did accomplish things like teaching him how to build a cabin, run five miles, bench press a hundred fifty pounds, and even made Paul gain twenty pounds.

After Spenser had spend some time with Paul and got to know him a bit better, he found out that he...
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