Beauty Advantage

Topics: Physical attractiveness, Physical Appearance, Plastic surgery Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Beauty Advantage
In recent years, there is a lot of fuss about looking good. In fact, fashion industry and plastic surgery set new standards of attractiveness, and people blindly follow them, because they are convinced that beauty and success are inextricably linked. It seems that your success and happiness depend on your appearance, as numerous television shows and magazine articles persistently persuade. Beauty is the key to securing a good and well-paid job as well as well as happy family life. We need to get rid of this stereotype, because it results in superficial relationships and indifferent attitude towards other people’s thoughts and feelings. Jessica Bennett underscores that “beauty has more influence that ever – not just over who we work with, but whether we work at all” (1). A few decades ago, nobody would pay close attention to appearance, unless it is a fashion industry, where beauty is a crucial factor. Nowadays, good looks are an asset in the job market, as handsome men earn 5 percent more and pretty women earn 4 percent more than their less attractive counterparts (Bennett, 1). The study, conducted by a group of economists from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, vividly demonstrates that beauty substantially impacts the hiring process, leaving professionalism and experience lagging behind (Parker-Pope, 1). If two candidates with similar resumes apply for the same position, there is a high probability that preference will given to the more attractive one, because attractive people always draw attention. Another study, carried out by the University of British Columbia, explains that people are motivated to pay more attention to beautiful people mainly out of curiosity and romantic interests (Ozsan, 1). It is a pity that beauty is so emphasized and intelligence is openly downplayed. The new reality of the job market states that “it’s better to be average and good-looking than brilliant and unattractive” (Bennett, 1). Therefore, many...
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