Beauty And Beast Notes

Topics: Love, Marriage, Physical Appearance Pages: 2 (993 words) Published: March 10, 2015
1)educated guesses about the values and/or ideology your hero/heroine represents - the idea of “transformation” in a very literal sense in order to prove the value and power of being virtuous more so than anything else. - Throughout the story Beauty is often called good and kind and virtuous. When describing the character of her and her sisters it is said that she “spent most of her time reading good books” and politely rejected several marriage invitations in order to stay with her aging Father longer, unlike her sisters who were simply waiting for rich dukes or barons to marry them - We are presented with someone who already seems like a good, well-behaved child –a perfect role model for girls to aspire to be like. She respects her parents and others, reads good literature and works hard – even when things are not going her way. - “The Prince married Beauty, who lived with him for a long time in perfect happiness, for there marriage was founded on virtue.” - The story sets out to prove that a young woman can make any sort of marriage work, and that the perfect marriage is not focused on handsome looks or intelligence, but being kind to one another.

2) the lessons his or her story was meant to impart to listeners or readers of their story -  She does this by using the idea of a virtuous attitude or person, insisting that it is this virtue, which can transform someone into something else entirely. - Though most people focus on the physical transformation of the Beast, the most important transformation comes from Beauty herself in order to be able to accept the Beast as he is.  - his provides a gentle re-assurance to those girl’s who may be very kind and virtuous, that at first it is not easy love a Beast – but you should not reject that person but instead remain friendly with them if they are of kind heart and gentle disposition. -  In the end, Beauty realizes that she does love the Beast – before he transforms back into a handsome Prince. This allow young...
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