Beauty and Trait by Firoozeh Dumas

Topics: Physical Appearance, Plastic surgery, Big Nose Kate Pages: 3 (751 words) Published: October 6, 2013

Beauty and Family Traits

Is the appearance of a person important in our lives? I say yes, because usually when people have conversations with others, they first make observations of how a person looks. A natural defect of a person is not a moral error, and however, I hope that we do not judge someone if his nose is big. If a person has an ugly appearance or defect it is not necessarily God’s confusion. Conversely maybe God just wanted to create a human with defects or ugly looks.

“A Nose by Any Other Name” by Firoozeh Dumas discusses the physical appearances of people, and how we overestimate the importance of appearance. When she was at college age, she wanted to do a little plastic surgery on her nose. When Firoozeh’s father and she went to the doctor to do plastic surgery, the doctor told her that only way to fix Firoozeh’s nose was to break it. She was really bothered about the doctor’s idea; maybe she felt some fear when she heard the doctor’s idea. Then she reconsidered, and decided against plastic surgery. Firoozeh shared a story about a librarian who had a huge ugly nose like an exotic bird. That librarian was self-assured and strong, and she did not care what people were thinking about her ugly big nose, or that Firoozeh referred to her as the Toucan.

That’s how Firoozeh Dumas’s self-confidence pushed her to think deeply on other values of life. One night in a motel room, when she was flipping the channels on TV, she suddenly saw a show about a nudist colony on the screen. The Toucan was talking extensively about herself, and it seemed that she did not feel shame being naked. Apparently, people like nudists do not care what others think of their looks, even if they are on a show that reveals their saggy bodies. As we see, after the nudist’s interview, Firoozeh better understood her own rejection of plastic surgery. In my opinion, people do not need to reshape their appearances to achieve goals, because...
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