Beauty: Human Physical Appearance and Women

Topics: Physical Appearance, Beauty, Physical attractiveness Pages: 4 (1300 words) Published: February 23, 2014

Throughout these moments in time, the term beauty has slipped out of control and become something utterly dissimilar. The significance of beauty has developed into something so unappealing, so unpleasant, so repugnant, that even now society is coming to the apprehension that the way they are portraying the description of beauty is erroneous. Over time, ‘beauty’ has evolved to something rather peripheral. Being beautiful is turning into an undesirable act, that most girls will go into extremes, just to get a sense of feeling ‘beautiful.’

Although beauty is now considered something by which your looks will define, during Greek times “beauty was a virtue: a kind of excellence. Person’s then were assumed to be what we now have to call – lamely, enviously – whole persons. If it did occur to the Greeks to distinguish between a person’s “inside” and “outside”, they expected that inner beauty would be matched by beauty of the other kind” (313, Sontag). Nevertheless, there was once a time where beauty was interpreted or described as something internal, unlike now, beauty goes more towards the looks.

“Beautiful” people have lots going on for them. They are more confident, make more money, and get promoted faster than their “less attractive” colleagues. But for the career – driven women, beauty is a no-win situation; the public wants you to be attractive, but, at the same time, not so beautiful that it is off-putting. People might say that looks shouldn’t matter, but in the real world, they do. Women try so hard to look their best, and at the same time, feel their best. Women struggle a lot in trying to “fit in” to what society sees as being beautiful. Women nowadays alter their body parts, faces, and their diets in order to feel satisfied with themselves.

A universal obsession that girls have been approaching with is that that they must be required to look a certain way...
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