Beauty is Pain

Topics: Thought, Physical Appearance, Gender role Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: March 10, 2014
Beauty Is Pain
All women understand the feeling of not being confident with their looks, especially when they have spent countless hours on working to make themselves look acceptable. In Dave Berry’s contrast in “Beauty and the Beast” he discusses how aware women are of how they look whether they are confident or not. Then he also discusses how men are the complete opposite, they care less about how they look and feel more confident in themselves even if they shouldn’t. I really like how Berry puts his paper together. The beginning really caught my attention and really laid out what the paper was going to contain because of the way it say you have to be careful when talking to a women about how she looks. I thought that it was funny so that’s what caught my attention right away. I like each topic Berry brought up because it used point by point so you could see it from the men’s side and a women’s point of view. I think that the topic really doesn’t connect to a lot of people besides women because that’s what its main focus is with a little detail on men. I think that by the tone of the writer it was very obvious that a man wrote it. “1. Hey, just because we’re idiots, that doesn’t mean you have to be; and 2. Men don’t even notice 97 percent of the beauty efforts you make anyway.” (Berry, 372) The way it comes across is a way that any man would put it when it comes to women and their beauty products. I was half and half on what Berry was trying to say because some it made sense to me but it’s a man’s point of view so I automatically argue most of it. I enjoyed the paragraph where it talked about how women grow up with Barbie as their role model making them believe that you have to look that way to be accepted. “Why do women have such low self-esteem?.. Girls grow up playing with a doll proportioned such that, if it were human, would be seven feet tall and weigh 81 pounds.. This is a difficult appearance standard to live...
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