beauty matters

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Assignment Title: Beauty Matters
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Personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of introduction. Aristotle
Throughout my life, I’ve always been spoken to politely, got almost all the jobs I applied for, received my highschool diploma without attending classes, got the best looking boys, voted most popular, most likely to succeed, and always accepted courteously into any social atmosphere. I never questioned and or reflected on this - that is until I met my boyfriend eight years ago. It was he who had informed me that a pretty smile and attractive appearance would entitle me to all of the above and more. Attractiveness coupled with some degree of competence is an intoxicating combination. In a recent Metro newspaper article, October 31- November 2, 2008, the headline read: Prettiness Counts….just not for men. This article details how male candidates running for office need to be perceived as competent; the same, however, is not true for their female counterparts. Though competence is still a variable, studies continue to show that attractiveness is just as important for females who pursue public office. In an attempt to explain this reality, this paper will examine the following issues: First, what, exactly, is attractive? And second, why is it so important.

Attractive means different things to different people. Beauty is in the definition of the writer. The Oxford Dictionary defines attractive as, 1. Pleasing or appealing to the senses 2. Arousing interest 3. Relating to attraction between physical objects. 1 David G. Myers (2008) along with a number of other psychologists support the findings that symmetrical faces are more attractive, not as proportions but with...

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