Beauty Pagents- English presentation

Topics: Beauty contest, Beauty, Physical Appearance Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: January 19, 2014
Children’s beauty pageants are contests that focus on the physical appearance of its contestants, the children are also judged on their personality and talent. I think that competing in children’s beauty pageants from a young age affects, or will in the future, the image that the contestants have of themselves and will make them more prejudiced towards others as they grow up as a lase image has been put In their heads of what a ‘perfect’ person should look like. If the children loose the pageants and don’t win, their self-esteem may be lowered and cause the children to dislike the way they look and make them feel like they have to change it from a very young age. Losing the pageants could also cause the children to feel inferior to the other girls who got a better place than them and feel as though they aren’t good enough. By losing, eating disorders could be sparked when the children grow up because they aren’t happy with how they look compared to others. In my opinion beauty pageants set an unrealistic ideal of what all girls should look like as the main focus of beauty pageants is physical appearance. When the children don’t win it makes them feel as though they are ‘not pretty enough’ This could encourage the children in the future to rely on makeup and material things to boost their self-esteem an cause them to be judgemental on people who maybe don’t have the same clothes or look as them. The makeup the girls have to wear in the beauty pageants covers up the young girls natural beauty and forces girls to act and look more grown up than they are, therefore making them want to grow up faster. The girls wear flippers which are fake teeth, fake eyelashes, fake nails, and fake hair and have spray tans as well as wearing tons of makeup. They also wear skimpy and revealing dresses which sexualise the girls and make them think that wearing skimpy outfits is the only way of looking beautiful. The contestants may be jealous of others who ma place higher or win and...
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