Beauty Standards

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You are more beautiful than you think
Most of you must have seen the new ad campaign of Dove that is doing its rounds on the internet. I remember watching it almost a fortnight ago when it was mentioned on an online magazine that I read with great interest. That online magazine just mentioned it as a must-watch video. I watched it, went numb for a few minutes and then I googled “Dove’s new video ad’ and read several articles. While many praised it for the strong message it conveyed, some lamented that the ad was not “entirely” positive. I am not getting into this debate. I am just happy that some company, some beauty product making company is taking an initiative to change something ubiquitous. “Whitening” products are the hottest selling thing in the beauty market these days. I used to buy them too because I thought I needed them. Obviously whitening products are to turn a dark complexion into a lighter one and since we “fair is beautiful,” dusky women like me need them. Research says only 4 percent of the women in the world consider themselves beautiful. Sad but true. We may harp about how beauty is always skin deep and beauty pageants winners say things like ‘its about being comfortable’, ‘beauty is inner beauty’ and other such cliches. But the truth remains that we all, WE ALL have our own preconceived notions about beauty. We all want to look good, in our own ways. For example, I want to reduce weight inspired by my working sister who has a son as old as Pahal, but she looks like a 23-year-old girl. She, instead, wants to exchange her thin, brown hair with my hair. My best friend thinks (and I agree) that she is too thin while my second best friend wishes she were a little tall. Men have this feeling too. I have often heard my hubby talking to his friends on fitness, bulging paunch, receding hairline, dole-shole and capacity to bear physical exertion. The only difference I see is that while men worry about macro things, we women sulk over micro things –...
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