Black Feminity Based on Boondocks

Topics: Woman, Huey Freeman, Riley Freeman Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: April 28, 2013
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John Shipman Mr. Alston
English 100, Section 04
03 December 2012

Femininity is the trait of behaving in ways considered typical for women. Black women show their femininity by their attitudes, lifestyles, and appearances all which varies between the individual as a woman. In the three episodes of “The Boondocks” Robert Freeman interacts with three women that are entirely different. Crystal, Luna, and Ebony Brown three women with distinctive personalities demonstrated black femininity with their unique attitudes, lifestyles, and appearances. The attitude of a woman shows her emotional and intellectual state of mind. When Crystal is introduced to the audience she shows her cheerful and inviting attitude. Her attitude helps her attract men to go on her “dates”. Luna seems to have a friendly attitude but quickly comes off alarming making the Freeman family scared. Her attitude is generally based on her emotions making her aggressive and controlling. The loving and caring attitude of Ebony Brown makes her seem to be the perfect woman. The appearance of a woman provides individuals with their first impression of her. Women dress and act in the ways they would like to be perceived. Crystal appears to be a hyper-sexual and promiscuous woman based on her revealing clothes. She wants to catch men’s attention with her body to gain new clients. Luna appears to be a picture perfect woman based on looks. The Freeman family realizes looks can be deceiving after Luna’s crazy tactics and attack on the family. Similar to Luna, Ebony Brown looks like the perfect women with remarkable looks and a great figure. Although they have looks in common Ebony Brown has a great personality that makes her flawless.

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A woman’s actions are based on her lifestyle and past experiences. Crystal makes a living by being a prostitute. She solely...
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