Topics: Irony, Sarcasm, Physical Appearance Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: October 6, 2013

“A Liberating Curriculum”
Roberta A. Borkat assembles an amusing article in which she presents that all students should receive an A for their semester grade despite effort or intelligence (Borkat). In a comedial way, Borkat produces a satire that mocks and derides her students, and any reader who takes her proposal seriously. By using a fine tone and sarcasm, Borkat scorns those who favor her decision. Many students hope to pass a class by simply handing in their homework on time, while displaying little to no effort towards their studies. Borkat taunts those who feel this way: “Students will be assured of high grade point averages and an absence of obstacles in their march towards graduation” (Borkat). Borkat utilizes irony by proclaiming that students will be unimpeded by obstacles that could preclude graduation. Although all this could possibly be true, Borkat bespeaks that those who are unwilling to display effort, will encounter much more punishing obstacles. By using a more subtle tone, Borkat derides the idea of equal grades. Borkat’s article sarcastically mentions that certain people with “good looks and self-esteem” should not need exhibit effort because “What could anybody else need in life?” (Borkat). Borkat taunts the shallow people who believe that looks alone will bear promise later in life. Moreover, she reveals that these are the same people who will not progress far in life if they do not show effort to expand their intellect. This delineates the young generation that treasures looks over 
working hard and preparing for their future. Borkat’s satire of the standard underachiever and the young generations high presumptions of little effort in school, visibly convey why education is crucial to our society. Toil and effort must be displayed to garner robust work ethics and develop minds that discern conceptions such as the eloquence in this article. Otherwise, the young generation is predestined towards failure if they conclude that solely looks...
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