Business Research

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Bryman and Bell: Business Research Methods: 3e

Chapter 1

Business Research
Authored by Tom Owens

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• Business Research Methodology

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Business Research Defined

Business research is the application of the scientific method in searching for the truth about business phenomena.
The process includes:
 idea and theory development
 problem definition
 searching for and collecting information
 analyzing data
 communicating the findings and their implications


Business Research Defined

This definition suggests that business research information is:  not intuitive or haphazardly gathered
 accurate and objective
 relevant to all aspects of the business
 limited by one’s definition of business
Not-for-profit organizations and governmental agencies can use research in much the same was as managers in for-profit organizations.


Applied and Basic Business Research
• Applied business research
 conducted to address a specific business decision
for a specific firm or organization.
 Example:
Should McDonald’s add Italian pasta dinners to its menu? Which health insurance plan should a business provide
for its employees?


Applied and Basic Business Research

Basic business research (also called pure research)
 conducted without a specific decision in mind that usually does not address the needs of a specific organization.
 Attempts to expand the limits of knowledge in general.
 Not aimed at solving a pragmatic problem.
 Example:
 Do consumers experience cognitive dissonance in lowinvolvement situations?  Does employee tenure with a company influence productivity?


Influences on business research

Figure 1.2
Page 29

The role of theory in research
Which comes first, theory or research?
- should

we examine a problem and try to work out
how it’s caused and how it might be solved (inductive
- or should we take a generally accepted theory of
how things work and find evidence for it in the
problem we examine (deductive reasoning)?

The nature of business research
Business research does not ‘exist in a bubble’ in a world apart from the social sciences -it is integrated with them;
The variety and diversity of business and management
studies makes it hard to find agreement on how business
research claims should be evaluated;
Perhaps it can only be seen as an ‘applied’ field because it is concerned with solving management problems;
Academic researchers add to theory “supported by bits of
practice” and management consultants contribute to
practice “backed by bits of theory”. (Gummesson, 2000)

Page 5

Evidence-based management
• Is the systematic use of the best available
evidence to improve management practice
(Reay, Berta and Kohn 2009)
• Concept developed to reduce variation in
(clinical) practice
• Information comes, in part, from the expertise
and judgement of managers, working in
individual firms
Key concept 1.1
Page 6

Knowledge is ‘produced’ in two modes
• Mode 1
– traditional, universitybased
– academic audience
– pure and applied
– built upon existing
– more linear process
– limited emphasis on
Based on Gibbons et al.

• Mode2
– involves:
• academics
• policy-makers
• practitioners

– trans-disciplinarity
– related to context
• not easily replicated

– less linear process
– more emphasis on
dissemination and

Page 6

Theories come at two levels
Grand theories:
• Structural‑functionalism
• Symbolic...
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