Categories of Crime Crimes

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Categories of Computer Crime
Strayer University
CIS170 Wk2
Professor Masudur Chowdhury
July 4, 2013

Explain in detail the four common categories of computer crimes and provide at least one example for each. There are many different types of computer crime and multiple ways to categorize them. I will discuss four categories in detail to shine light on how vulnerable people are, when we choose to use a personal or publicly used computer to transmit confidential information, conduct business transactions or transfer funds between accounts. Even the most knowledgeable experts on computers are not exempt from being victims of computer crimes. The Computer as a Target

Crime can happen in many different ways. One of the most common areas is the use of the computer. According to Ronald B. Standler, there are three major classes of criminal activity with computers. The first way is unauthorized use of a computer, which might involve stealing a username and password, or might involve accessing the victim's computer via the Internet through a backdoor, operated by a Trojan Horse program. The second way is creating or releasing a malicious computer program (e.g., computer virus, worm, Trojan Horse). The third ways is harassment and stalking in cyberspace. Often time people are not properly educated on how to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of computer crimes. In this day and time we all need to take more responsibility to help protect our personal information when we are using the computer. The Computer as an instrument of the Crime

Computer technology can be used to implement plans of action to commit crimes. This type of criminal is labeled as cybercriminal. Cybercriminals may hack into personal financial accounts to access funds. They might attack website databases in order to gain access to consumer details, such as social security numbers, that can be used to take out credit cards or loans in another person’s name. Also...
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