Chapter 1 - Inventory and Billing System

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The system analysts stop shortly to thank all those who devoted their energy, resources and time to the success of this project. The foremost ultimate thank you goes to our determined and ever encouraging professor, Mr. H. B. Orio. No words can explain our gratitude for your ever helping hand through this process. However, we can’t forget the support that both our school administration and our family have granted us through this process. In conclusion, the system analysts will ever treasure the help from both mentioned and non-mentioned well-wishers deeply in their hearts.


Approval Sheet


Chapter I


Background of the Study

Company Historical Background

Company Mission and Vision

a. Company Objectives

Hierarchal Organizational Chart

Position and their respective job description

Site Map

Statement of the Problem

a. Problem Definition and Identification

b. Ishikawa Diagram

Objective of the Study

a. General Objectives

b. Specific Objectives

Scope and Limitation

a. Scope

b. Limitation

The world of business continues to change rapidly and dramatically. No longer will we see the stability of the past; reorganization is fast becoming standard. Business organizations have to reinvent and reorganize themselves continually in order to meet demands of the global marketplace. Everyone is faced with the challenge of developing the most highly educated and diverse workforce ever known. Because requirements for skill levels continue to increase, less-educated workers are struggling to find jobs. The competition for goods and pharmaceuticals will only become more intense.

Background of the Study
The aim of the project was to develop a prototype system to be used as the first stage in building a system for the chosen company Ronmae Drugstore and general merchandise. The company requires a system that will ease their staffs and lessen human errors. The system has to therefore try and satisfy the needs. As a result of fulfilling this objectives, the project is being used as a prototype that the said company will base their future system on.

Company Historical Background
The Ronmae drugstore and general merchandise in the Imus –Dasmariñas, Cavite marketplace. Regardless of the fast-paced changes in the market industry, the company continues to focus on our two areas of expertise, the pharmacy service and the general merchandise service.  

Company Mission and Vision
As the fast changing community attempts to become more and more complex, it is our goal to provide local presence and reliability here at home. We intend to provide an ease access for our client’s convenience and a “brick and mortar” operation for local visibility and physical accessibility. We stand alone in our knowledge and expertise of the market industry.  We have found very positive success in the acquisition of existing stores as well as the strongest independent pharmacy and general merchandise in the area. We are therefore in a great position to continue our growth and expansion.  

Hierarchal Organizational Chart
Organizational Chart

As show in figure 1.1 is the organizational chart of Ronmae Drugstore and general Merchandise, For the sales production Yolanda Balinado is the owner of the Store, Rosemary Balinado as the co-owner/cashier of the Store and Francis Salva as the assistant. For the production of the store, Jayson Mendiola is the Storage and inventory keeper and Mark Sumampong as the Helper.

Site Map

M Jois Building cor Avenida St. Bahayang PAg-asa subdivision, Imus City

C. Statement of the Problem
a. Problem Definition and Identification
Due to some unorganized inventory audits, the commission of the said store is highly affected. Duplication because of the incomplete data given due to an act...
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