Child Beauty Pageants Should Be Banned

Topics: Childhood, Child, Beauty Pages: 1 (259 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Child beauty pageants should be banned

Child beauty pageants should be banned because they cause children, especially little girls, to use artificial means to boost their self esteem. People were not born with makeup, spray tans, big hair, and false teeth.  Beauty pageants set false rules on beauty. They make children believe they have to wear make-up, jewelry, wigs, fake nails, and other acessories to be beautiful. Every child is beautiful in their own way. Their beauty is natural and they shouldn't have to have anyone's opinion on the way they look.

Beauty pageants can also cause serious mental and health issues.They can lead to depression, anorexia, suicide, and many other serious issues. Children might starve themselves to lose which could lead to eating disorders. Beauty pageants can cause depression, and depression may later lead to a suicide

Children shouldn't be forced to be in pageants. Mothers try to live their dream through their children. Children shouldn't get their lives taken away from them. They only get one childhood, they don't get it back after it's over. Any parent placing their child in these types of pageants, based solely on looks, is giving their child the attitude that appearance can get you anywhere in life. It is wrong to teach children that looks are the most important asset to possess. I am not stating that children shouldn't be encouraged to develop a talent or skill, and compete with that talent or skill, I am stating that competing over looks is sending the wrong message to children.
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