cinderella critique

Topics: Fairy tale, Cinderella, Native Americans in the United States Pages: 2 (698 words) Published: October 3, 2013

Critique Paper

The story of Cinderella has been told in various ways over the years. This particular story is the Native American version of the tale that keeps the traditional theme of characters that are found in the Native American culture. The story "Oochigeaskw-The Rough-Faced Girl" was originally told in the Algonquin language and written by the Mic Mac Indian people of North America. There were rumors that there, once lived a great Native American warrior with extraordinary power. He could make himself invisible to many except his sister. Any girl in the village who could see him would get the chance to marry him. (Behrens, 2013, pgs. 245) The young girl Oochigeaskw with the scarred up face does not even try to win the heart of the invisible being rather, she helps her sister’s in their quest to win him over. Of course, the sisters are evil and treat the girl poorly because she was more beautiful than her other sisters. So the sisters decided to make it so there is no chance of their younger sister being with the Native warrior. The younger sister eventually wins the heart of the warrior through her selflessness. The warrior then restores the girl’s beauty. (Rosen, 2013, pg. 246) The theme of this story is enduring “The Algonquin Cinderella”, a Native American Myth shows us the true story of Cinderella. The inner beauty in someone is far more important than just appearances. Oochigeaskw succeeded in marrying the invisible warrior because she wasn’t thinking about her outer beauty. The fact she saw the inner beauty in herself made her see the beauty in the boy. (Behrens, 2013, pgs. 245-247) On the other hand, Oochigeaskw’s two sisters failed to succeed because of their ignorance. They both thought that their appearances were far more important. They made sure they dressed themselves with fancy dresses to impress the invisible warrior, but not only did they fail the test, but they also failed...

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