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Topics: Physical Appearance, Employment, Customer service Pages: 7 (2572 words) Published: August 20, 2013
It is permissible for companies to only hire employees with appearances that meet the company brand and image expectation. Explanation of the claim:
Certain companies rely heavily on offering customers an experience when purchasing or using their services. Such an experience hopes to establish a company image, reputation, and more importantly profitability. These companies reserve that hiring employees, spokespersons, and promoters with a certain look creates an atmosphere that appeals to consumers that enter the business establishment, or purchase their products. Modern business practices promote branding, and unique shopping experiences to keep businesses competitive. This desired experience might be attained through hiring younger, attractive, fashion sensible employees to meet a company’s image. Executive Order 11246 of the US Department of Labor (USDL) prohibits employers from discriminating on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin to ensure equal employment opportunity. Employers should reserve the right in a capitalistic economy to hire employees who meet the company image criteria in order to continue to meet the demands of spending consumers.

Reasons For the Claim:
1)Companies must reserve the right to hire based on looks to establish business credibility. Credibility is a company’s ability to show trustworthiness, and expertise to its customers. When choosing between potentially equal applicants, employers must reserve the right to factor the credibility of their personal appearance. In a fitness gym, employers must reserve a right to employ the best physically fit trainers based on their appearance. A trainer is supposed to exemplify superior health and athleticism to train and motivate gym members. The employee must exemplify all the necessary traits, qualities, and habits of a successful trainer. For many customers that use the services of a trainer, they are hoping to learn the methods and work ethic necessary to achieve a similar result as experienced by their trainer. Consider what type of a message and trustworthiness unfit trainer would convey to customers. Although the trainer may be knowledgeable and well qualified, business must also take into consideration the consumer psyche. A business establishment such as a gym, which promotes health and fitness, has a natural moral duty to hire physically fit trainers and employees to maintain its credibility. Companies, which fail to hire employees to meet a company profile or image, will only result in the company losing its long-term credibility and failing. Is it ethically responsible for non-fit employees to be working as receptionist and cleaning crewmembers? When company credibility comes into question based upon hiring methods, it must be acknowledged the importance personal image has as a reflection of company credibility. 2)Employers must reserve the right to hire based on appearance to successfully create a comfortable shopping experience for customers. Consumers who feel a business environment is welcoming, tend to be at ease and capable of spending more time in the business. A successful company will try research and understand the mindset and expectations of the consumer upon entering their business establishment. A plus size clothing store, is an example of a business that must understand and respect the values and comfort of their customers. Business owners of plus size clothing stores must reserve the ethical right to solely hire plus sized employees. It would be unethical not to take into consideration that for some it is an uncomfortable or stressful experience shopping in plus sized stores. To create a pleasant and welcoming environment that attracts customers and allows them to no feel intimidated is why employers must have the ability to hire employees who can relate and be helpful with incoming customers. The same applications are used through hiring only female workers working at a victoria...
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