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Changing Life

Day by day technology makes huge advances and makes enormous improvements. In the past, people would communicate through the written word. Letters were the main form of communication before technology such as phone or Internet. Communication has always been a part of human culture; it has been a part of people social’s life. Communication has changed according to the time and advancement in technology. Nowadays, computer is one of the most advancement in technology as result computers have changed people’s communication in several ways such as education, easier life and helps in different ways. The first effect is education. Computers have changed how the people are educated. For example, in these days by using a computer with Internet access, we can learn almost about anything. To illustrate, students can learn languages, history of another country, how to cook until a major on a computer. In addition, the most interesting for students is that they can study from their homes. The second effect is life is much easier with computer assistance. For instance, we can pay bills or shopping from our home. That is amazing because we are saving time for other things and also money on gas when we pay or shopping by computer. Moreover, in these days, people can work by computers from their homes. For example, if a company employee want to sell something or fill out surveys by way of Internet, it is possible. In addition, we can access family and friends in just one click. For illustrate, we can reach each other by e-mail, or Facebook.
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