Compare and Contrast Essay on Beauty

Topics: Meaning of life, Physical Appearance, English-language films Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: October 9, 2012
Evelyn Keyser-Martinez
English 10 a
Jennifer Frnka

Compare and contrast essay

Why do people have to be beautiful on the outside just to be a "good" person? Why can’t people be beautiful physically as well as inner beauty? People underestimate the things the naked eye sees. People often look at peoples appearances and don’t really search for who they are. Instead, they look at what is presented despite whether they what to know who the person truly is. What does physical beauty mean to you? Thanks to society, physical beauty is often looked at as being perfect and without flaws which can be very deceiving. Society also, makes you think that you need make-up and brand named clothes to make you a beautiful perfect person. Physical beauty is considered to be something on the outside that has a spectacular effect or appearance to one’s desired appeal. Now days, physical beauty is the only thing that matters to most people just to fit in, to be popular and to be a "good" person. What is inner beauty mean to you? Inner beauty is the inside of a person’s true meaning and who they really are. It is the meaning of beauty and is what makes a person physically beautiful. Inner beauty can be more extravagant than what is on the outside, only if people would take the time to appreciate honest, true and real people. Inner beauty doesn’t mean u have to look pretty on the outside to be beautiful. Physical and inner beauty are similar in some ways. For example if someone is beautiful on the outside but a very terrible person on the inside, that is considered physical beauty, but they could be both if they chose to be. A person can be both physically inner beautiful if they set high standards and have good character. But no matter how fat, skinny, ugly or beautiful if they have a beautiful heart then their inner beauty will reflect and create the beauty physically. If the person is beautiful physically, and has a straight up rude selfish character then,...
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