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Topics: Computer crime, Fraud, Online predator Pages: 7 (2464 words) Published: October 22, 2013
Over the last few years the internet crime industry has changed very dramatically. Think back almost twenty years ago, computers were just beginning to make their marks in the professional world. However, big companies were the main individuals with computers, mainly because they weren’t that popular in homes. Nowadays, computers can be found anywhere. They are so convenient and you can do almost anything from a computer, pay a bill, shop, order food, even banking. The convenience has even been extended to a cell phone or smart phone as they are referred too. At the same time, all of the convenience and little to no security method is implemented. This proposal is geared to help people who have been victimized. Surveys, secondary data, and field research will all be of help to anyone that needs it.

Convenience versus Security, everything is able to be completed online, whether it's shopping, banking, taxes, or simple communication it can all be done behind a screen. It's so easy for someone to assume your identity and you never know because of how convenient computers have become. When one item becomes too convenient the downfall is the lack of security that will come with that, it can be viewed as Convenience vs. Inconvenience. Making things convenient for ourselves isn’t always the most secure thing that we can do. It’s a fact that, “convenience is often times inversely proportional to safety and security (Mente, 2000)”. My independent variable is the expansion of technology which leaves end users vulnerable for attack. The variable that is dependent upon my IV is the rise in attacks. As technology increases, the knowledge the hackers attain increases as well. Meaning that they are getting smarter and we need to be educated in their methods. As time progresses and technology continues to thrive in an upward direction more attacks are going to occur. Computers, PDAs, and Tablets are showing an economic boom in sales as the security level is withering. Convenience versus Security! The more you have of one the less you have of the other.

The five articles I chose to summarize are important to me. The trends that these cyber criminals are implementing are progressing at a very fast pace. Newer trends are developing just as fast as technology is growing. We have to be ready for all the new ideas the tech savvy individuals are coming up with to assume ones identity. There are so many that the public cannot be warned about them all therefore schooling yourself on the security measures to take will save you the hassle in end.

“Internet Crime Trends: The Latest Report”
I chose this article because it is good to be aware of the trends that the computer criminals implement. Based on the ICR, or the Internet Crime Report which dates back to 2010, the top three common complaints that the IC3, or Internet Crime Complaint Center, had were non-delivery of payment or merchandise, impersonating scams, and identity theft. Most of the complaints came from United States residents, mostly male, between the ages of 40 and 59. Most of the complaints come from California, Texas, New York, and Florida. Those are the states that are heavily impacted because they are heavily populated. Computer criminals are far from fools. Being able to master the art of theft online is not easy. They target the cities that are fast-paced, that way they will not realize a crime is being committed until well into the process. The IC3 received approximately 300,000 complaints a year roughly 25,000 per month. Half of the reported complaints were of some form of financial loss. However, many internet crimes go unreported. Citizens are not aware that even if they do not fall into the trap and become a victim of a computer crime, the fact that they were contacted at all should be reported as well. According to the NCSS, or National Computer Security Survey, there are three types of cybercrime....
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