Computer Hardware

Topics: DIMM, DDR SDRAM, DDR3 SDRAM Pages: 3 (692 words) Published: January 5, 2014
Chapter 4 Thinking Critically
1.) Why does a motherboard sometimes support more than one Front Side Bus speed?

A motherboard sometimes supports more than one Front Side Bus speed to support a number of processors and memory that differ in bus speed.

2.) Why don’t all buses on a motherboard operate at the same speed?

The reason that all the buses don’t operate at the same speed on a motherboard is because some devices on the board are slower than others and don’t require or can’t support the same bus speed.

3.) When you turn off the power to a computer at night, it loses the date, and you must reenter it each morning. What is the problem and how do you solve it?

The problem is that the battery that runs the internal clock is no good. You either have to replace the battery or buy a new motherboard.

4.) Why do you think the trend is to store configuration information on a motherboard in CMOS RAM rather than by using jumpers or switches?

I think the trend to store configuration information on a motherboard in CMOS rather than by using jumpers or switches because it is easier.

5.) Why do you think the trend is to put more control such as the graphics controller and the memory controller in the processor rather than in the chipset?

6.) When troubleshooting a motherboard, you discover the network port no longer work. What is the best and least expensive solution to this problem? If this solution does not work, which solution should you try next?

c.) Use a wireless network device in a USB port to connect to a wireless network. b.) Disable the network port and install a network card in an expansion slot.

7.) A computer freezes at odd times. At first, you suspect the power supply or overheating, but have eliminated overheating and replaced the power supply without solving the problem. What do you do next?

e.) Flash BIOS

Chapter 5 Thinking Critically

1.) You need to upgrade memory in a system but you don’t have the motherboard...
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