Crash Analysis

Topics: Human, Race and Ethnicity, Religion Pages: 2 (402 words) Published: September 6, 2013
Crash analysis
Haggi’s 2004 ‘Crash’ is a film that explores the different dimensions of human nature and how quick humans are to judge a person based on their physical appearance and the stereotypes associated with them. Set in Los Angeles post 9/11, the film is a vignette of over a 36 hour period and explores the themes of appearance vs. reality, racism and stereotypes and lastly fate. In specific reference to the cloak scene , which involves Farhad( the Persian shopkeeper) confronting Daniel( the locksmith) with a gun, due to miscommunication prior to the scene, and conveys fate and overcoming hatred and realizing the danger of racism. Through the different camera angles and cinematography techniques and Haggi’s recurring use of symbols and motifs the complex relationships between human beings in any socio-cultural setting. The film potrays the theme of fate through the use of mis-en-scene and the interaction characters, which reinforces the idea that humans have little control over the actions of others. In the cloak scene, Daniel’s attempts to restrain his daughter, Lara ‘ to stay outta the street’ go unnoticed as Lara still runs to protect her father with her ‘impenetrable cloak’ when Farhad points a gun at Daniel. The film portrays the theme appearance vs reality through the use of misc sen se and dialogue, which reinforces the idea that racially motivated human judgement will often result in catastrophic consequences.

1. John Ryan vs Tommy: ( Appearance vs. reality, Stereotypes, Boundless capacity of human nature) 2.
* Police station’ you think you know yourself…’.
* Christine getting molested
3. John Ryan vs Shanequa
* Phone call
* Shaniqua’s office
4. Rick & Jean vs. Peter & Anthony
* Peter and Anthony stealing Rick and Jean’s car
* Jean grabbing Ricks arm in the mall
5. Producer & wife vs. John Ryan + Tommy
* Christine getting molested
* Crash scene
6. Producer & wife vs. Peter...
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