Culture of Beauty in America

Topics: Torture, Woman, Physical Appearance Pages: 3 (1045 words) Published: October 24, 2011
In this country, we as Americans have developed a strong a tragic obsession with beauty. From the endless advertisements and media feeding us with an unattainable standard of beauty, we have become desensitized to what is truly beautiful; corrupting our perceptions, ideas, and even ourselves to define what is “perfect”. The whole concept of beauty has been corrupted by the hunger for money by people selling dreams and false hopes, and rattling our confidence only to capitalize on our low self-esteems that they have created. Realizing how critically judgmental and shallow our society truly is only probes me to wonder, does how we look truly define who we are? In the documentary “America the Beautiful”, they sporadically show a couple of average guys answering questions with their opinions on their expectations of a perfect woman, and what they responded with was absolutely horrifying. It was truly appalling to watch a couple of blue-collared guys sitting around drinking beers with their guts hanging out picking at women and saying how they have no value if they’re ugly, and getting plastic surgery would definitely earn them a “month extra on the lease”. It’s judgments like this that lead girls to conform out of pressure to the unrealistic goal of perfection. To think that these guys represent the majority of the norm who, by the way are constantly itemizing females goes to show how shallow and superficial our people, especially men have become overtime, but I don’t think the men are to blame in total. If anything blame the media, because it is them who are shaping our minds as to what beauty is and what beauty should be. The media is constantly imbedding this unrealistic version of a woman in our men’s heads until it influences their perceptions completely. Even the already beautiful models and actresses that are constantly photographed have their own images altered to the standard of perfection, so what does that say about real...
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