Dan Brown Biography

Topics: The Da Vinci Code, Priory of Sion, Leonardo da Vinci Pages: 2 (737 words) Published: September 13, 2013
Dan Brown
Who is Dan Brown? Dan Brown is an extensive writer whose work has inspired many writers and directors. For instance, the ever popular book The Da Vinci Code was converted into a movie. For his hard work, he won numerous works such as the “The New York Times Best Seller”. All five of his books have been translated into forty languages around the world. Most of his readers deeply appreciate his fascinating ideas, his mysterious series of events, and how his novels are action packed.

First, I think he is a thriller writer but he doesn’t write about the usual thriller story, he usually writes about religious secret society and a lot of ancient puzzles or maze that the character will solve. This way it presents some aspects of reality and mixed with some fiction which makes the reader think that it is possible in the near future. His book is fiction but its link so much to the real world, people, religion, artifacts and a lot more. That technique makes you think of the secret plot and story weeks after you have read the book. He also sometimes takes a well known fact and add some new things to it or take something away. For instance, in the Da Vinci Code, He took Leonardo Da Vinci’s work and says it’s a work of the secret society Priory of Sion. That way it makes you want to find out all about it and that makes you keep on reading. He also likes to mention scientific facts mixed with religious topic. It also doesn’t just talk about religious topics he also like in involve some science so its suits a variety of people. The science that are involved aren’t usually existing but he took existing science and tweaked it a little. It became something brand new but still seems realistic.

Second of the reason is the way that he organizes the story. The most common way of keeping someone reading is to use a “cliff hanger”. A “cliff hanger” is a way of ending a scene or a chapter which leaves the reader hanging by cutting of the obvious answer or ending so that...
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