Deaf Event 1

Topics: Sign, Deaf culture, Sign language Pages: 3 (797 words) Published: November 18, 2014
Marla Mitchell
Sign 101

Death Event # 1

Name of Event: Round Table Pizza
Date of Event: September 23, 2014
Location of Event: Round Table Pizza-23254 Lyons Ave, Newhall Time of Event-Physically at location: 5:00-10:00/ 7:30-9:00

My first event was at Round Table Pizza, I attended the event with 6 of my classmates There was a small a small group in attendance, there were approximately 10 deaf individuals, but mostly in attendance of this event were sign language students. The environment was opening and welcoming. This event was basically like a gathering of friends, everyone sat around chatting and eating pizza. I learned by attending this event, as a hearing person you must be the one that has to fit into the deaf community, as they cannot hear so they are not able to put themselves in our environment. The deaf has different cultural, linguistic and social values, they are a very tight knit community, in order to be accepted into their world they must really trust you. While at the event I observed interactions between hearing and deaf individuals which is quite different from the interactions between two deaf individuals. Signing between and hearing student and a deaf individual was slow and there was more use of fingerspelling instead of the use of actual signs, while signing between two deaf individuals was fast and the use of fingerspelling was a lot less and actual signs were used more. The signing styles I observed were similar to the way we learned in class, but there were signs used I had not seen. I also noticed the distance between two signers and the use of facial expressions is imperative, in order to sign properly and be able to understand and see the signs there must be enough space and distance between the two people. I honestly felt being a hearing person and coming to an event that is for the deaf would be intrusive, or in a way disrespectful so during the first half an hour or so I observed the interactions between everyone, I’m...
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