Defining Beauty

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Defining Beauty
Many people would agree with this statement ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. Beauty is subjective to each individual person. You can see beauty in an obvious way, like a person’s physical attractiveness, you can see beauty within a person; their inner beauty, and you can see beauty out in the world like a beautiful painting or mesmerizing sunset. The Merriam- Webster Dictionary defines “beauty” as “the qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses of the mind.”

Beauty is not merely being beautiful on the outside. Although, describing a person’s physical appearance is a part of defining what beauty means, it is only a small part of its whole meaning. Beauty comes from within a person and is something that we strive for, it is subjective and comes in all forms, and it can be subtle and affect individuals on an emotional level.

Outer beauty is more obvious to spot, but inner beauty is an attribute that not everyone

possesses. When you are a little girl you grow up watching princess movies that depicts girls that

are very beautiful with long hair, skinny waists and pretty dresses. You grow up with these

images of beauty that are not real. It continues in today’s society where there is so much

emphasis placed on physical beauty that we tend to forget to focus on what lies within a person. The media focuses more on the physical beauty of individuals rather than the inner beauty. Just like those princess movies the media puts so much emphasis on what movie stars are wearing and how much they weigh and less on the kind of people they are on the inside. Once in a while there is a famous person who will shine through, for example Princess Diana. She was a beautiful person in the spotlight who helped with many charities. She once said that her charity work came “from the heart, not from the head.” In my own personal life I have been able to experience, what I believe to be, true inner beauty,...
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