Education System of India

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• 38% of doctors in America are Indians
• 12% of scientists in America are Indians
• 36% of NASA employees are Indians
• 34% of Microsoft employees are Indians
• The India group is the only one from South Asia to figure in the top 10 economically active working-age population. The group's average annual income is higher than that of the local British (21,250 pounds). • Third largest tertiary education system after china and US. We have institutions like IITs and IIMs which are recognized worldwide and worlds largest consultancy firm Mac Kinsey hires most of the students from IIMs. Indian people are at top level in many world famous companies like chairman and chief executive of Pepsi-cola, Indra Nooyi and the mind behind many inventions like Vinod Dham, inventor of Pentium chip and there are so many.

Does all this data indicate in any way that Indians are less intelligent than others or for that matter lacking in educational qualifications than others???? No??????
Then have a look at the following data:
• The literacy rate of India as of 2009 is estimated to be 79.9% • Of the entire world's illiterate people, 35% live in India. • it is estimated that by the year 2020 over 50% of the illiterate population will live in India • Approximately 40% of students, mostly girls, drop out by secondary school. • Approximately 9 million children are not yet enrolled in schools. • 52 percent of children aged 7 to 14 in rural India could not read a simple paragraph of second-grade difficulty, even after attending school. • The HDI ranking of India in 2009 is 132nd out of 179 countries. • In India 40% of the people who commit suicide belong to the adolescent age group.

What is the reason that the country which has 3rd largest tertiary education system in the world, fails miserably at its primary and secondary level?? What is the reason that there are more number of suicides due to stress of education in India?? What is the reason for the low literacy rates in our country?? We know we are not less intelligent compared to others but the main problem is what we receive as education itself is at fault. While trying to gain answers to all these questions, I came across a fact: that the education system in our country can be divided in two parts: education received by children in rural areas and that by children in urban areas. Problems faced in education sector in both these areas are completely different.


According to our mentality there are only two career options in this world, engineering and medical. All other career options are considered not worth pursuing. We don’t give students the freedom to pursue a career of their choice. Moreover we burden them with our expectations. We fail to understand that each and every child has his own capacity and limitations. Some children are good in studies while others are good in sports. Everybody is gifted. But we don’t give our children the time required to find and develop that gift. This is the main reason for the fact that we have many professionals in the fields of engineering and doctors but not much in others. Most of the time other career options are not selected because of the thinking that those career paths will not be as satisfying in terms of money as engineering or medical is. But again this is a myth. If you excel in something, the horizon is very wide to develop yourself and you excel in those things that you love to do. According to George Bernard Shaw “what we want to see is the child in pursuit of knowledge and not the knowledge in pursuit of child”. And the child will pursue knowledge when he’s interested in that particular area. Otherwise it will be the other way round wherein we will produce just robots who will function as per the orders given to them but are not capable of taking a single decision on their own or don’t know how to solve a problem when it occurs....
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