English 101 Narrative Essay

Topics: Judgment, Physical Appearance, Judge Pages: 3 (1379 words) Published: November 11, 2014
Ruby Tracy Dawn Silmon
ENGL101, MWF @ 8 a.m.
Wednesday, October, 8, 2014
Unfair Judging of Individuals
Sight being one of the most important senses a person has and one of the strongest form of communication that a person will probably use. So, it’s no wonder that a person will judge another person within the first thirty seconds of laying eyes upon them. Unfortunately, being judged by your appearance is by no means an effective way of determining what a person is like on the inside. Although, almost everyone will be judge like this daily by people they encounter throughout the day. It’s amazing how more times than not, it is a negative judging and not something positive about a person. Everyone should remember the old proverbial saying, never judge a book by its cover, never judge another person by their appearance. Because it isn’t a reliable criterion for assessing the quality of a person’s character that lies within them. Unfortunately, everyday people are wrongly judged because they are judged by the first impression someone has formed based on their appearance. One way that a person will make an assumptions or perception about another person is based solely on the type of clothes they wear and how they look wearing them. No matter what some people say, people are judged by the way they appear and by the clothes that they wear. In other words, the clothes someone wears will either be perceived in a positive way or in a negative way and assumes that they know the person. For instance, a woman goes on a job interview wearing inappropriate and ill-fitting attire will not get the job because how a person dresses makes a powerful statement about them which may not be accurate. The opinion people might form about the woman is one who doesn’t respect herself, places no value on her appearance, or that she doesn’t care about the impact her appearance has on her life. Which may not be true assumption about the woman going on the job interview...
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