English Homework Best Time Of Year

Topics: Pacific Ocean, Tahiti, English-language films Pages: 4 (461 words) Published: November 18, 2014
Best time of the year

Hellooooo to whatever amazing soul has landed upon this blog, it's nice to meet you and welcome to my blog. Have you ever wanted to spill out every juicy detail about an amazing place you’ve been? Well I am going to do just that by telling you all about my breathe taking, heart stopping, drop dead gorgeous holiday to Bora Bora .TALK ABOUT BEAUTIFUL! Bora Bora is so stunning there are no adequate words to describe it; it is arguably the most exquisite island in the world. Bora Bora is a small majestic island which lies in the central of the South Pacific Ocean. Bora Boa lagoons are an artistic palette of blues and greens and the best place to see this is when you’re up in the air flying through the great white cloud in the big blue sky up above the scenic island. When you arrive at the Tahiti airport, which is built on a beautiful motu, you have to get a short ferry ride to the port village of Vaitape. Then to get to the luxury resort by either private motorboats, shuttles from Vaitape or helicopter transfers which bring you straight to the resorts. Once your eyes has laid upon the breath taking resort you might as well call it love at first sight cause it’s a view you wished you woke up to every morning I know I would. The resort is covered in bungalows, restaurants, clear blue seas, white sand beaches and green swaying palm trees. Don’t listen to my description of this exquisite island visit it yourself and truly experience the love at first site for yourselves. To me this was the best holiday… Firstly because I got to spend two astonishing weeks with the people I love most, my family in a beautiful island called Bora Bora, secondly I got to encounter different cultures that I have never experienced; wait for it… I learnt how to HULA! This was taught to me by one of the dancers that were there she was so kind her name was Yuki she also told me loads of facts about Bora Bora. When they danced their skirts glided around their dancing...
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