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Topics: Physical Appearance, Aesthetics, Girl Pages: 3 (782 words) Published: July 25, 2013
Lyndsie Gibson
Professor Romero
ENGL 1302
14 July 2013
The poem “Beauty” by the author Tony Hoagland is a piece about the true beauty of a woman. Not the outside physical features but what makes a girl a girl and a woman a woman. True inner beauty, the special flower that girls hold so dear. Hoagland uses extended metaphor, third person point of view, and imagery to portray the loss of a woman’s virginity by comparing it to the strive to be beautiful to gain the acceptance of society.

A woman’s virginity is her most prized possession, something that, once lost, cannot be gained back. An object that is a woman’s self respect, self-righteousness, and love for ones self all in one. When Hoagland says, “Or how she spent the next decade of her life/ auditioning tall men” (Hoagland line 28-29) he lets the reader pause and think about the time span of a decade, the length of time that she spent being with different men trying to make her self feel pretty. Illustrating that in order to feel good about her self the woman needed to be with a man and have him by her side at all times. With out this she would not feel pretty. Towards the end of the poem Hoagland says, “My sister just stood still for thirty seconds,/ amazed by what was happening,/ then shrugged and tossed her shaggy head/ as if she was throwing something out,/ something she had carried a long ways,/ but had no use for anymore” (47-52). This quote shows that after going through all of those men and not knowing what real beauty is she realized that she had thrown away the one thing that makes a woman truly beautiful. When the woman “shrugged and tossed her shaggy head” it shows that her new lifestyle had made her accept what had happened instead of being upset of the life she had chosen for her self. The entire poem is an extended metaphor for the beauty of a woman portrayed through virginity shown through an appropriate point of view.

The third person point of view allows the reader to be...

Cited: Hoagland, Tony. "Beauty." By Tony Hoagland : The Poetry Foundation. Donkey Gospel, 1998. Web. 14 July 2013.
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