Evaluate Beauty: Appearance or Inner Self

Topics: Physical Appearance, Beauty, Culture Pages: 3 (1165 words) Published: November 9, 2006
What is beauty? There are two ways you can judge beauty, by appearance (external) and inner (internal) qualities. The noticeable beauty is what is visible on the surface; it does not have as much value as the beauty that is unseen which comes from within and glows outward. Therefore, judging people by looking at their appearance is irrelevant because beauty is more than what we look like. Our experiences in life, our self-confidence and our character traits define who we really are as individuals and not our outer appearance. A person's cultural contribution can be part of the aspect of their personality. People have different cultural backgrounds and lifestyles. The way they act, speak, and think may indicate what culture they belong to. Different cultures have different standards of beauty, as well as people within the same culture. If we all had the same type of culture, cultural diversity would become nonexistent, and the world would be a very boring place. Therefore, people should be determined based on what they contribute to their culture, not by their appearance. Naheed Mustafa, a Muslim woman, wears a hijab because in their culture, it gives back women's "ultimate control on their bodies." (104). According to Mustafa:

Wearing the hijab has given me freedom from constant attention to my physical self. Because my appearance in not subjected to public scrutiny, my beauty, or perhaps lack of it, has been removed from the realm of what can legitimately be discussed. No one knows whether my hair looks as if I just stepped out of a salon, whether of not I can pinch an inch or even if I have unsightly stretch marks. And because no one knows, no one cares (105). This quote expresses how the hijab is important and Mustafa's feelings when she wears it and why she wears it. Despite of this, she is still seen as strange women and even a possible terrorist because of what she wears. There is no reason for a person to judge a Muslim woman, who wears a hijab,...

Cited: Mustafa, Naheed. "My Body Is My Own Business." The Mercury Reader. Ed. Janice Neuleib et al. Boston: Pearson Publishing, 2005. 104-105.
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