Facial Discrimination

Topics: Discrimination, Physical attractiveness, Physical Appearance Pages: 1 (324 words) Published: November 26, 2005
In today's society it is very common that people are discriminated against based on their looks. It is a serious problem in job situations. It matters is you are skinny or fat, or short or tall and it shouldn't. I think there is a problem with "facial discrimination," it is wrong. Unfortunately, today it is true that consumers would rather deal with a more attractive person and they are repelled by those who are not as attractive. We are turned off by those who are ugly or fat. Some how we come to think of them as sloppy and careless. Physical attractiveness is a job-related employment criterion when you are a model, movie star, actor, singer, or mainly anything in the entertainment industries. I do not believe it is relevant when you are a salesperson, flight attendant or a receptionist but other would disagree. Some arguments for and against a law preventing facial discrimination are: Pros: that people would feel more comfortable in the workplace with equal opportunity. Cons: you can't make someone hire someone because they are fat if they don't qualify for a job. I do not think just because fat, ugly, or strange looking may have it a little harder than others we should give them preferential treatment for their past disadvantages. I understand it is not their fault for they way they look but it is not a handicap or a disability so no special treatment should be given but I do think people need to just grow up and look past appearances and look at personality and qualifications so it is equal opportunity. Yes I think businesses are morally obligated to prevent or reduce facial discrimination in the work places. I don't really know if there are steps to really be taken but I think they can enforce it as a company rule and claim it as verbal abuse or verbal assault.
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