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This chapter discusses the general overview of the study. It however includes the background of the study, the problem statement, objectives, research questions, purpose of study, scope of the study, significance of the study and organization of the study. 1.1 Background of the Study

The purpose of tertiary institutions (Polytechnics, Universities, Training colleges) is to train and conduct an educational program. The university considers this program an activity and believes it should be regarded by the student. Therefore student appearance should enhance the spiritual, social and academic atmosphere on campus. Thus, a mature attitude should be demonstrated by the dress and appearance of students while attending classes or engaging in other academic pursuits about the campus. According to Vanderhoff .M. (1973) your appearance is the total impression you make on others. Attractive clothing can help you create a pleasing appearance, but clothing alone cannot make you an attractive person. Actions and behavior also are part of one's total appearance. Your behavior towards others and with others can add or detract from your personal appearance. Students are expected to maintain the same standard of dressing and personal grooming on campus which would ordinarily be maintained by those engaged in other serious pursuits. It is recognized that specific policies or rule of dressing and grooming to maintain such standards are difficult to draft and to enforce for this reason, considerable discretion must be vested in the authorities of student life and his or her associates to maintain this standards. It is hoped that the reasonable suggestions of the schools authorities of student life and his or her associates as to dress and other aspects of personal appearance and grooming will be accepted by student. College life can be stressful, although it is undoubtedly one of the most memorable experiences in one’s life. Social factors such as, organization, clubs and sports activities have been found to have effects on students’ academic. Environmental is also a factor that plays a role in academic performance. The environment may be a physical or socio-physical. All factors have a direct or indirect with students’ performance on campus. To some extent, clothing may express one's personality traits. In other words an individual's clothing tells other's what he or she is like. According Vanderhoff .M.(1973)

1.2Statement of Problem
It has been observed that female students in tertiary institutions now concentrate on dressing rather than academic performance. Most female students now pay much attention to dressing on campus when it comes to cloths, hair-do, make-ups etc. Because they want to look beautiful and different out there and also to draw attention.

1.3Specific Objectives
To identify the factors that influences the clothing habits of female students on campus. To examine female students attitude towards appearance management. To identify reasons why female students have more interest in dressing. To evaluate female academic performance in relation to appearance management.

1.4 Research Questions
In accordance with the objectives of the study, the following research questions are formulated to guide the research process. What factors influence the clothing habits of female students on campus? What are female students attitude towards appearance management? Why do female students have more interest in dressing?

How is female student academic performance in relation to appearance management?

1.5Purpose of Study
To make it known or alert female students dressing is taking their concentration from their academics.

1.6Scope of the Study
The study is limited to the Ho Polytechnic campus, specifically the female students and seeks to address the appearance of female students in tertiary institution.

1.7Significance of the Study
The study will first add to literature....
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