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GEN 1004 Individual and Society
Group Final Term Paper

Topic: How far do you agree that beauty (honey money) is useful to achieve upward mobility? Use the SPA tourism in one of the Asian movies/videos/interview to illustrate your answer. 1. Introduction

Recent years, some people doubt that female can get greater chance to be promoted because their appearance. If appearance can help them to acquire an improvement in status or higher income, we will define it as honey money. In the past, our world mainly relied on manufacturing, therefore the labor market used to require physical labor and ignore the erotic capital. However, the world has undergone a structural change, which focuses on providing service, which requires lots of interaction among people. Undoubtedly, in terms of interacting skills, female has an advantage over male. Therefore, nowadays more female can be promoted in workplaces. This essay will discuss about how honey money can help achieve upward mobility. On the premise of having capable ability and talents, we think honey money generally can help achieve upward mobility easier in certain occupations which requires interactions with others such as sales, entertainment and public relations.

2. Content
Firstly, definition of upward mobility is a change in a person's social or economic status resulting in that person rising to a higher position in their status system. The erotic capital can be divided into six components (Hakim, 2010), the first one and the central one is beauty. Beauty means other people admired the appearance. Such as Modern western society, tall and thin was mostly admired by lots of people no matter what men or women. The second one is sexual attractiveness, which is talking about sexy body. It is differences between beauties saying that beauty is talking about facial attractiveness. Also, sexual attractiveness including your acts talks and behaves. The third component is social skills. It means you can make other people likes you, desire to know more about you and have conversations with you. Flirtation is also included in social skill because there are someone are good at flirtation but someone not. The fourth one is liveliness; it is combination with physical fitness, social energy and good humor. Such as show your attractiveness through playing sports. The fifth one is the social presentation, such as make-up skill, dressing style, jewelry or hairstyle that people wear to proclaim their social status. And the sixth one is sexuality itself which included sexual competence, energy, erotic imagination, playfulness and the things can satisfying their partner. We can see that there are six components to consist erotic capital. To achieve some of these components, nowadays more and more people join some SPA tourism in order to improve their appearance, especially the Chinese young middle class. Spa tourism is one kind of travel and aim for spa treatment. During the spa tourism, customers can receive some natural treatment like water treatment, balneotherapy to make themselves look better. SPA tourism is very famous in Southeast Asia such as Thailand, India and Japan. So that we take Japan as an example, in Hokkaido, Japan, this place provide many supports and facility to people who comes for SPA tourism. In Hokkaido, there are many Spa towns and resorts for tourists to choose the one suitable for them. Furthermore, hotel is a necessary for tourists, they can directly live in these spa towns or spa resorts, and they provide some short term residential facility to tourists. They will arrange a consultant for you in order to design a comprehensive program.  It can help customers to enjoy the most effective and best way of treatment. Hence, most of tourists will stay more than seven days to finish their program in the spa resort. During the program, spa resort provides many types of Spa treatment, such as Marine Body Scrub, Initial Moisturizing Facial, Initial Anti Age Facial and...
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