Topics: Obesity, Body shape, Body image Pages: 3 (1137 words) Published: October 13, 2014
One of our most important senses is sight. It is our strongest form of communication. Fifty five percent of a speaker's message is transmitted by the speaker's appearance and body language. When someone approaches you one of the first impressions you will get on the person is their appearance. This person will look at many aspects of you and come up with a conclusion usually within the first thirty seconds. Many decisions in our lives have already been made for us that will impact the way we are looked upon. The shape of your body, the size of your head, your skin color, gender, amount of hair, all of these are predetermined and are permanent unless you choose to medically alter them. The business world also relies upon appearance. Many companies have dress codes and appearance codes so that customers will want to use their business. Employers will often look down upon anyone who comes to an interview with poor physical appearance.

People nowadays put a lot of efforts to make themselves become more beautiful in order to develop their self-confidence. As we can see that joining a gym or fitness center, going to a beauty salon, or even putting themselves under the knife of cosmetic surgeons become more and more prevalent recently. However, why do people always focus on and take extra care of their physical appearance? 

Firstly, people are often influenced by the media. Many advertisements use attractive celebrities to publicize and promote their products. The advertisements usually use a super model who has a slim body shape, big round eyes and perfect white skin to show what beauty is and how superior they are. They want to build up an image of success through an attractive appearance and try to distribute the concept of beauty to the people. If we want to be successful and popular, we must have a so-called charming look just like the models in the magazines. The media would sometimes use ugly or fat people in their...
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