Hiring for profit

Topics: Marketing, Physical Appearance, Profit Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: October 5, 2013

Hiring for profit In the society we live in today, where the outside beauty is more important than the inner beauty. Businesses realized how to use that beauty to make a great amount of benefit become quite successful. Attractive and trendy employees will help draw more customers to a specific store and will generate more profit for that company. This is a commonly practiced hiring technique that is not against the law. It might be seen as discrimination in only hiring only certain type of people to project business’s image though it is indeed useful and profitable. Projecting an image is important; it determines how much product can be sold. For example, the difference in prices of the clothes sold is due to image. A store that looks cheap make people feel like not wearing those clothes. On the other hand, designer stores with fancy arrangement can get people to buy the product. Next, featured models designer magazines give impression to buyers. People may look as charming as the models by buying the same items. People who buy the same items as models can look a million bucks worth of value. Last, having good image is beneficial for business. They can make a lot of money out of items that do not take much resource. Producing goods at foreign countries, where business companies have much cheaper labor can also save them lots of money. The brand name of clothing you are wearing give of what you can afford. I understand why companies feel that it is necessary to hire people who fit their image but I do not agree with this practice. First, hiring only people who are attractive can troublesome for companies. Companies hiring based on people’s image can make people take it as discrimination. Besides, it discriminates against people based on gender, race and age. Second, companies should look for those who fit their image and...
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