How Cell Phones Has Evolved

Topics: Mobile phone, Internet, Cellular network Pages: 3 (690 words) Published: February 27, 2013

How Cellular Phones Has Evolved
Norvell Golden
January 4, 2013

Years ago cellular phones offered very limited coverage area for users. The design and function have come from big and ugly to now, tiny and flamboyant. It does not take a scientist to realize how cellular phones have evolved into a multi-function appliance. Retailers utilize technology and their creative vision to attract the cell phone consumers. The market for cell phones has increased because of social network media which is the cause for children pressuring their parents to purchase cell phones. This research will describe the most significant ways the cell phone has evolved. These ways are the camera/ camcorder, applications, and internet. Internet

Lee Rannals for completed a survey and the results be evidence for over half of all cell phone owners’ use their device to surf the Internet (Lee Rannals, 2012). Eighteen-percent of cell-mostly Internet users say a cell phone is more compatible with their online habits than a computer (Lee Rannals, 2012). The Internet is the most important function for the cell phone. The internet is important because any problem can be figured out. For example, if a person is out of town and direction to the nearest gas station or restaurant needs to be looked-up, they can do so by using the internet on their cell phone. They may need to look up the address, telephone number, or get directions. The internet is convenient and helps s to decipher through problems. * Jump to first hit

Photography often revolves around planned events, such as birthdays or weddings. Or, it relies on professional shoots. But even studiously prepared photographs must appear somehow impromptu. The images that photographers treasure most tend to be the pure opportunity shots that were captured with a combination of talent, providence, and whatever equipment was at hand. The emergence of digital...

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