How deeply is Identity influenced by the texts of

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How deeply is Identity influenced by the texts of one's world? Yes, Identity is deeply influenced by the texts of one's world. I think this because The "texts of one's world" have become responsible for the shaping and influencing of our identities, as the traditional sources of identity, such as family, social roles and the Church or Mosque, have begun to disappear. Because we are constantly being surrounded by such texts that we allow it to create stereotypes, and change the way we act and think. People produce ideas based on what they understand from texts. They change their appearance and act in a certain way. Our identities today are completely based on what we see in the text. Although our names , cultures and religions are determined otherwise our dress, behaviour, hobbies and interests are all determined by mainstream media/ texts. What we see in magazines and on television dictate the way we run our lives. They say that we need this car, that dress, those games, because they're what's '"in", what everyone's getting. The media/ different texts are the cause of our completely consumerist society, and is always telling us "what's hot and what's not". We're always wanting what's trendy and what's new, because the media tells us that we want it. This both destroys individualism, and influences our identity. Through these ways, the texts of one's world greatly influencing our identities. It tells us what to be, and because we are constantly surrounded by it, we listen.

What is the explicit meaning of this text? What is the text implying about teens and/or identity? What perspective or bias does the text take? What role do the different features of this text play in creating meaning? The ad that I chose is a makeup ad about Dolce & Gabbana monica voluptuous lipstick. The explicit message of this text is buy this lipstick. I got this message from the visuals, the girl which has the lipstick on and the lipstick itself. The visuals played the biggest role in...
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