how does personality reflect your traits

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Physical Appearance
Our choice of color, clothing, hairstyles, and other factors affecting appearance are also considered a means of nonverbal communication. According to what people see when they first set their eyes on you, judgments about your personality and abilities are going to be concluded.  

"Quality is more important than quantity" - This really applies here as well. It is really pivotal to dress up properly for any business or job offer we may encounter. One shouldn't focus on wearing too much accessories, jewellery and make up. What is very vital is the physical appearance and the proper hairstyle.  

Appearances also include:
* Body cleanliness
* Clean Nails
* Shiny shoes
 *No tattoos
 *Being appropriately dressed                  physical appearance
Physical appearance is a type of non verbal communication. It is usually associated with one’s dress sense, hairstyle, body types – basically anything on the physical side. Here is a clip on a recent movie – “Bridewars”, which shows an example of such non verbal communication used.

In this case, the costume designer chose the appropriate clothing that would help project each character’s personality in the movie. We can see the contrast between the two ladies, where Liv (Kate Hudson) being better off than Emma (Anne Hathaway). This was shown where they had different brands and styles of clothing, and the former was able to afford the more expensive stuffs. Even colours played a part too. For instance, Liv was mostly in cool colours wear, while Emma’s clothing had more vibrant colours. These differences were made in their physical appearance, so as to distinct the two characters in the movie. Say about physical appearance. It decides how people treat and look upon on us. I hate to agree with this, but we cannot deny that physical appearance does matter a lot. Like in the movie, Liv is a lawyer character. She has to be in the right attire - formal and neat, in order to convince her clients...
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