How to become a good presenter

Topics: Customer, Sales, Language Pages: 5 (2007 words) Published: November 20, 2013
A very good morning to all of you. Im standing here to give you all a speech. I was given a task by your management, to give a speech on ‘ How to become a good presenter’. I hope all of you will enjoy and make use of my points to help you to become a good presenter. As you all know sales marketing job not an easy job. If we heard the word ‘sales’ also we can tell that these people must dealing with people with different kind. First of all I would like to congrats all of you because choose this job, it is because not every person will volunteer their self to choose this job, only a few and and brave person like you all will do. As you all know, you people always overcome so many people with different attitude in your daily work. Without wasting any moment i begin my speech on how to become a good presenter. Ladies and gentleman,

First of all, to become a good presenter someone have to be courages enough to face the crowd, like you all. It is very important in this job. For example a shy person cannot be a good presenter, because a shy person will not talk much and explained to her or his customer. They usually will feel not comfortable with crowd. But sales job usually needs crowd then only we can get the pay. So, its very important that a presenter have to be courage to share their ideas and knowledge with their customers. Secondly, we start with our appearance. As you all know ones appearance can give impression about the person. So appearance is very very important to get good intention from our customers. So you should looked smart before facing your customers. A very special qualification that own by a good presenter is their physical appearance. As you all know someone appearance and dressing shows their personality and confident. So, again I stressed here that physical appearence plays a important role in this job. For examples, your dressing must be bright because commonly bright colours attract people attention. From that you can attract your customers. Secondly your hair style, must looked professional, so that you will looked tidy. If you wants to follow the trend, you can, but it must be looked tidy, professional and suits your job. For example, if you are doing sales on hair colouring product you can coluored your hair with various colours, if you doing sales medicine or pharmacy product and if you coloured your hair in different colour, the customers will lose trust on your product because your appereance not suits to your product. Even a simple things also can make the customers judge you, such as your cloths. In other hand, knowledge play second important role in your job. Before you facing your customers, you should do research about your products or topic. It is because your comfort level with presenting will increase if you know everything about your topic. After all, the people surrounding are looking to you to be the expert if you able to present with fluent. However, my advice to you, do not overload your customers with complete knowledge about your topic. Main key points is enough to keep them interested. You must be able to know the good and the bad of your products. Not only that, you must also know where your product origin. These are the favourite question that asked by customers. This is not because they wants to know about the origins of the products but actualy they wants to gain the trust on your product from you. So make sure, before you presenting something you do some research about it first. Besides that, a good presenter should know what should he o she present first, so that you not confusing your self and the customers too. Other than that, it also help you to follow the sequence and you will not lost in the middle of your speech. That means, you should be able to organized the main points in the most appropriate order. It is also to avoid from wasting our time and our customer’s time. Most of the people assume that listening to sales or marketing staff is just wasting their time...
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