How Women Suffer to Be Beautiful

Topics: 2nd millennium, Plastic surgery, Body modification Pages: 2 (790 words) Published: July 22, 2012
Pawel S.
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How women suffer to be beautiful?

In the article “The Price of Perfection” Robin Henig discusses the ways in which women have suffered physically, making changes to their body to achieve perfection. Women, for hundreds of years to pursue beauty have undertaken dangerous procedures such as foot binding, plastic surgeries, and wearing corsets to pursue beauty according to their cultural standards. These more or less extreme torturous procedure that women go through to feel better about appearance, were chosen without considering their harmful effects on their health. People make changes to their bodies because they want to achieve the idea of perfection that is shown by the media. The trend in the appearance of female breasts in Europe in the 14th century was having a flat torso, where breasts were hidden and tightly bound. Throughout history, there were many procedures done by doctors to change a shape and size of female breasts. At the beginning of the 20th century, cosmetic surgery experimented with a method of inserting a brained silk, particles of celluloid, vegetable ivory, and other foreign materials into a woman’s chest. We can only imagine what the physical reactions were after their use of these stuffed materials. After a while, plastic surgeons injected substances such as collagen, paraffin directly into women’s breasts had a tendency to move to other parts of the body causing deformations and death of the skin. After that method, a new substance called a silicone implant was involved to augment women’s breasts. This implant has many harmful effects on women bodies, and even today when materials used to enlarge women’s breasts have dangerous results, confirmed by numerous studies; women do not refrain from using them. In China also, women suffered tremendous pain in order to be beautiful. In this country the people practiced something called foot binding, where they tried to keep woman’s foot small but the...
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