Inner Beauty

Topics: Physical Appearance Pages: 2 (1330 words) Published: June 9, 2013
Inner Beauty Vs. Outer Beauty



Beauty is an important thing for women. For woman if they’re not looking beauty in public, it will make they’re not confident. The definition of beauty according to people from era to era and region is different. For example, in England ( Queen Elizabeth 1 era ), in this era a beautiful woman is the one who has pale skin. And the role model is Queen Elizabeth 1 herself. In her era, Queen Elizabeth 1 deputize the standard of woman’s beauty in England. Usually people likes pale skin because it means high class or status. In China ( Tang dynasty era until Qing dynasty ), woman is beautiful if they has small foot size. Chinese foot binding is the technique to make their foot become small. To get small foots, their foots will be bound and bended and also weared a pair of small shoes. More smaller the size of their foots, so it’s make them more beautiful. In Myanmar ( the tribe of Padaung ) , woman is beauty when they have a long neck. Since the age of 5 years, their necks fitted with a kind of bangle and the number of bangle will increase along their age. Amount of bangle which they wear will become a symbol of how rich that the woman’s family have. But the important thing is it can be used to attract a good husband. In Ethiopia ( the tribe of Surma ), according to tribe of Surma in hinterland of Ethiopia that beautiful woman is the one who have a wide lips. Before married, all the tribe women are wearing a kind of saucer from clay or wood called SIGARO at their lower lips. In Uganda ( tribe of Hima ), until now they still assumed that fat is beautiful....
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