Inner Beauty

Topics: Physical Appearance, Beauty, Physical attractiveness Pages: 2 (735 words) Published: July 11, 2013
                  Inner Beauty    The perception of Beauty is immensely broad as there are many about beauty. Some people say there are two types of beauty; inner beauty and outer beauty. The outer beauty is the physical appearance on a person, and the inner beauty is the character in a person. Many people in this world view being beautiful is  the physical appearance. They are not wrong, there is the physical beauty, but people fail to realize what is the real beauty. The real beauty is inner beauty that can last a life time. The inner beauty is the character of a person , it represent the characteristics of honesty, self-sacrificing, and confidence.                    Frist, honesty is one of the characteristics of inner beauty. People who have this beauty make a better society and healthy world. For instance, there was a homeless man, wearing dirty clothes, having unhealthy skinny body, and sitting at the corner of the road. He was begging for some changes to unfamiliar people who passed him by. One day a strange lady came and gave coins to him, without knowing that she dropped her ring with the change in to the homeless man*s cup accidentally. Three days later, she realized that her diamond wedding ring was given to the homeless man. However, The homeless man did not take an opportunity to sell the expensive ring that could have make his life change. Instead of lying, he waited and returned it to her. He got an appreciation reward for being honest. The lady saw what a beautiful person he was within himself .Some people only see the physical appearance of a person such as dirty cloches or facial mole, but inside him or her, there are some hidden inner beauty.                      Second, self- sacrificing is one of characteristics of the inner beauty. The world today had adopted self-center values system, which lead the world to become selfish. People who have hands...
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